bronze and brass desk compendium queen victoria's pets c1880

Bronze and Brass Desk Compendium - Queen Victoria's Pets c.1880



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A rare and magnificent novelty desk compendium made from polished English brass and the three figural elements made from polished bronze, all having their glass eyes intact.
This compendium was made in the late Victorian era, around 1880 and was created based on Queen Victoria's Pets, a Terrier, a Spaniel and a Parrot.
The Parrot sits up high on a perch, being a match holder of vesta with it's head opening; to the base is a copper central plate which is the match striker. The charming begging terrier is an inkwell with it's head opening revealing a period porcelain ink chamber.
An absolutely stunning centrepiece and an impressive size with the circular base measuring 9" in diameter and standing 13" tall.
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Height = 33 cm (13")
Width = 22.9 cm (9")
Depth = 22.9 cm (9")

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