charming carved black forest jewellery box dog original silk interior 1876

Charming Carved Black Forest Jewellery Box - Dog - Original Silk Interior - 1876



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A most unusual piece of Black Forest, this is a hand-carved figure of a dog sporting two wonderful little glass eyes.
Beautifully executed, he stands on a naturalistic base. If you turn him upside down, the original plug can be found; the Linden wood would have sat on a wooden pole while carved, removed once finished and plugged. There also appears to the date of the carving, it is feint but I believe reads 1876 and next to it a signature of the maker or perhaps the place it was carved, this is harder to read.
The box comes complete with the original working key and once opens reveals the most pristine original tufted silk lining, quite wonderful.
Excellent condition measuring 11" x 7 1/2" x 7 3/4" tall.
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Height = 19 cm (8")
Width = 27.9 cm (11")
Depth = 9.5 cm (4")

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